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Home buying has never been a more interactive experience than in today’s world of real estate. Websites list homes accompanied with photos, tax information, and data based on complex logarithms. While the experience has become more tech-savy, the saturation of information (not always accurate information) has driven competition through the roof. NVAR market statistics for May of 2017 shows that homes stay on the market for an average 32 days, which is already 16% lower than May of the previous year. Your dream home could be sold before you even have the chance to see inside.


Our in house team of industry-leading software engineers and data scientists have created an application that takes the home-buying experience to a new stream-lined level. Hailed “The Pinterest of Real Estate”, Collections is an application you can use on both your computer and mobile devices to share and communicate about listings in real time. Once you’ve selected a few homes, you can easily add them to a collection and comment on your likes and dislikes. Notifications pop up immediately, updating you on the conversation like a text message and providing any status changes for the homes.

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