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Caroline Smith

Real Estate Agent

Growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, Caroline’s dreams had always revolved around living a well-balanced life full of adventure, a focused self-propelled career, and lots of traveling. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in English, she decided to fuel her dream of entrepreneurship by starting a small mobile food vending business. While finding the food industry not to be her passion, she learned the value of being self-driven, and the guts of what it takes to run a sole proprietorship. After closing the business, in the winter of 2015, Caroline took the time to travel the world, backpacking South East Asia for four months, moving to parts of Europe and South America. Solo travel, in all its joys and difficulties, strengthened not only her communication skills, but her appreciation of a wide variety of cultures.

More About Caroline

After moving to Northern Virginia and beginning her career in real estate, Caroline continues to utilize these skills in such a dynamic field. Joining the Trevor Moore Team in 2016, a team with over 370 transactions for over 130 million in sales volume, she continues to build her skill-set, and enjoys combining her favorite part of travel with work: making life-long friends.